Pentax K-70 Impressions

Pentax K-70 – Staff Impressions – By Tristan

Camera Specifications:

  • 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Pentax K mount
  • ISO 100-102,400
  • 6 FPS continuous shooting
  • In-body image stabilization





The Pentax K-70 is a fantastic mid-range DSLR with some very desirable features that other cameras in a similar price range often lack. From in-body image stabilization that works with every lens that will mount onto the camera, twin control dials and extensive customization options, a bright pentaprism viewfinder with 100% coverage, On almost all aspects it outscores its rivals.

However, it’s bulkier and heavier than its rivals and lacks a touchscreen. Although, for most this isn’t a deal breaker. In return, you are getting a premium feeling, solid and weatherproofed camera. So gone are the days you need to worry about taking your camera outside in the heavy rain!


How well is Pentax competing with the market leaders Nikon and Canon? Incredibly well! With the K-70 they are offering so many features that are unheard of in mid-range DSLR systems.

With the addition of a 24.2-million-pixel APS-C sensor, the K-70’s pixel count is now on a par with its main rivals. This is an increase from the KS-2 and its 20.2-million-pixel sensor. In reality, this isn’t as important as first-time buyers may think but its still worth noting. When you’re printing images in extremely large formats then you may start to notice a difference but in standard use, it is of very little importance.

It’s the in-body image stabilization that really sets the K-70 apart from the competition. The K-70 brings some huge advantages compared to Canon and Nikon, which both rely on in-lens stabilization. The K-70 works with every lens you can fit onto the body, including types that usually don’t include optical stabilization. However, in-body stabilization is less effective when it comes to shooting with long telephotos because the sensor movements required become ever more extreme.

The K-70 features an 11-point AF system which includes nine cross-type points towards the center, which are sensitive to both horizontal and vertical detail for greater accuracy. It’s capable of continuous shooting at six frames per second, which is faster than its main rivals. Its top shutter speed is also faster, at 1/6000sec compared to 1/4000sec, which is handy if you want to freeze action or shoot with fast lenses in bright light. 
The sensitivity range covers a huge variety. With an ISO between 100 and 102,400. That’s impressive, but as expected, at the higher end it isn’t great and in my opinion seems more of a marketing tool than a useful feature.

With the K-70 you get a range of features usually found on expensive cameras, in-camera raw conversion and autofocus micro-adjustment just to name a few. It can autofocus with older lenses that don’t have built-in AF motors. You also get a dual-axis electronic level in live view to help keep your compositions straight.

The biggest downside to the K-70 is the autofocus. It’s not bad, but the 11-point system feels like its lacking, particularly when compared to other systems.

For those interested in the video capabilities. The K-70 can record in Full-HD at 30 FPS, complete with 16:9 live view, and a 3.5mm stereo socket for using an external microphone. You can record in any exposure mode, including full manual.

As expected, Wi-Fi is built in, allowing remote control of the camera from a smartphone with a level of manual control. You can also transfer images from the camera to your phone for sharing on social media immediately.

Overall, the K-70 is a fantastic option for any keen photographer with a huge range of features some of which are only seen on expensive high-end cameras. With the main downside being the fairly standard autofocus, not bad but nothing amazing. This camera is an incredible choice for someone who wants a great camera, without breaking the bank. Very possibly one of the top mid-range DSLRs available at the moment! Check it out by clicking the links below or check it out for yourself in-store in Gammon Walk, Barnstaple.




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