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100 Years of Olympus

In October 1919, Takeshi Yamashita founded Olympus, specialising in the manufacture of microscopes and thermometers.

100 years along the line, Olympus’ history of excellence continues with a range of award-winning mirrorless cameras and high-quality lenses.

Reaching the grand old age of 100 years is obviously something that should be celebrated. And while Olympus won’t be receiving a birthday card from the Queen, they would like to mark their centenary by celebrating with fellow centenarians in a unique way.

They are commissioning a group of Olympus photographic Ambassadors to take portraits of centenarians born in 1918 and 1919, with the results collated into a celebratory book and accompanying exhibition at an art gallery in London.

Know someone that’s 100 years old? Click Here!

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