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Benbo Trekker Monopod

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The Benbo Trekker Monopod’s 2-section design is not as compact as the majority of monopods, but gives it tremendous rigidity.  It is arguably the strongest monopod for the money out there. A useful feature is the built-in 180° tilt top which allows a camera to be positioned horizontally or vertically, and means that a separate tilt top or ball head need not be purchased. Designed in England – a true classic!

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Benbo Trekker Monopod,This two-section monopod utilises the 180° tilting camera mount from the Trekker tripod, making it one of the most versatile monopods on the market. The tilting mount allows the camera to be used in both landscape and portrait modes without the need of an additional ball and socket head.The Camera mount can be adjusted through 180° allowing the camera to be used in both portrait and landscape modes without the need of an additional ball & socket head.


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