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Benbo Trekker Mk 3 Kit


The Benbo Trekker Mk3 complete with Benbo Compact Ball and Socket Head and Benbo Carry Bag. The Trekker is a lighter weight version of the original Benbo 1 design, so it’s easier to carry around. Its (BEnt BOlt) curved bolt locking is adapted from a First World War gun carriage design, and allows independent movement of each leg at virtually any angle, even up against a wall or tree. Because of this, and the sealed lower leg tube which allows immersion in water, they have become a favourite of nature photographers. The swivelling centre column end gives more flexibility when working close to the ground or in confined spaces. Designed in England, it has class, heritage and charm…and it works!

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Benbo Trekker Mk 3 Kit. Stability linked to versatility and weight are the prime considerations when choosing a tripod. For over 35 years Benbo tripods have offered photographers a unique combination of these factors.The Benbo Trekker Mk 3 kit consists of the BEN107 Trekker Mk3 tripod, a BEN299 Compact Ball and Socket Head and a BEN503 Carry Bag.

The tubular aluminium construction of the legs offers the best possible combination of weight and rigidity. Each leg can be independently positioned, made possible by the tripods unique, highly flexible main joint, which enables each leg to swing through a complete 360 degrees (see picture). The centre column can also be swung through 360 degrees, producing a combination that allows the camera to be positioned at almost any point.

Whether used in the standard configuration with a vertical centre column, down at ground level with legs splayed out, or with one of the legs pointing upward finding support from a tree or wall, Benbo tripods can always be relied upon to give complete stability.

All models are constructed from drawn tubing with no internal seams, with the lower tubing having sealed feet, allowing the tripod to be stood in water, mud or snow up to the leg joint.


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