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Olympus 30mm f3.5 M.ZUIKO Digital ED Macro Micro Four Thirds

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The macro category for compact system cameras has its new benchmark prime lens: the lightweight M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 30mm 1:3.5 Macro, which boasts the most powerful* magnification (2.5x**) as well as a closest focusing distance of just 9.5cm. At this distance, ambitious hobby photographers can expand their creative repertoire to include fascinating details of the natural world that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Another crucial feature for would-be nature specialists is the lens’ near-silent focus mechanism and lightweight design, which in tests improved AF response by 20-30% compared to conventional macro lenses – a potentially decisive advantage for OM-D and PEN owners shooting on the fly.

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Olympus 30mm f3.5 M.ZUIKO Digital ED Macro Micro Four Thirds

A new level of macro expression

Give your macro photography a creative boost. This prime lens delivers intense image magnification of up to 1.25x (2.5x*) – the largest a subject can be captured with a macro lens of this class. At the same time, the image quality remains clear and detailed to deliver beautiful defocusing effects and soft bokeh. With a closest working distance of 14mm, you can capture an expressive macro world not seen by the naked eye.

  • Intense macro magnification

    This 30mm (60mm*) lens is loaded with everything you need to realise your macro visions. Especially its intense image magnification of max. 1.25x (2.5x*), combined with the closest working distance of 14mm, makes this lens a tool for capturing a macro world never seen before.

  • Beautiful image quality

    Capture the details of any subject and marvel at the stunning results. Clear, sharp image quality with beautiful defocusing effects and soft bokeh add a new level of expression to your photography. The ZERO coating takes care of reducing reflections and ghosting.

  • High speed from a compact build

    The lightweight and compact build of this Premium lens significantly reduces the sluggish response common to macro focusing with conventional lenses. The result: the highest level of autofocus speed for a lens of this class – ideal for nature photography.



Focal Length

  • Focal length


  • Focal length (equiv. 35mm)


Lens Construction

  • Lens configuration

    7 elements / 6 groups

  • Aspherical ED element


  • DSA lens elements


  • Aspherical glass elements


  • Lens mechanism

    Inner focus with screw drive mechanism

  • Angle of view


  • Closest focusing distance


  • Maximum image magnification

    1.25x (Micro Four Thirds) / 2.5x (35mm format)


  • Number of aperture blades

    7 Circular aperture diaphragm for natural background blurring

  • Maximum aperture


  • Minimum aperture



  • Filter diamater


  • Dimensions

    57mm Ø, 60mm

  • Weight



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